His listening led him into childhood moments: the arc of a swing, the silence between tocks of a grandfather clock, a heron taking flight across a meadow. He remembered the piping of birds on hot afternoons in the hills, the river murmuring along the stony banks, insects in the summer stillness, the whirring of a […]

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We tend to think of time as a thread that stretches out behind us, gone forever, and stretching into the future, unseen. Even though many of us are familiar with the idea that space is curved. It curves because of the masses in space, such as the heavy myriad balls that just hang there rather […]

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How Far Do We Go?

What we’ve been able to discover about our world through science is nothing short of astounding. By its very nature, though, science is limited in what it can know and prove. To be classed as scientific knowledge, the results of an experiment have to be able to be repeated. What was observed in an Austrian […]

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Nowhere, Beloved, will world be but within us.

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